History Term
Definition in your own words
Use the word in a sentence that shows your understanding of the history term
human sacrifices skeleton-adin.jpg
A belief in China.
I am not a human sacrifice.
clan clan-adin.jpg
A large group of people you know.
I have a clan.
Shang Dynasty shang dynasty-adin.jpg
One of the first Chinese dynasties.
I learned about the Shang Dynasty.
ancestor worship ancestor worship-adin.jpg
The honoring of ancestors through rituals.
I worship my ancestors.
Characters that are used for words.
I use logographs.
economy chinese money-adin.jpg
The way the country uses resources to trade and sell goods.
I live in an economy.
Confucianism confucianism-adin.jpg
A Chinese philosophy that has good behavior.
I believe Confucianism
Daoism/Taoism taoism-adin.jpg
A Chinese philosophy that lives in harmony.
I believe in Daoism
Legalism legalism-adin.jpg
A Chinese philosophy that has strict laws.
I believe in Legalism.
Mandate of Heaven mandate of heaven-adin.jpg
A power granted by god.
I know the mandate of heaven.
feudalism feudalism-adin.jpg
A government based on landowners.
There is feudalism in the USA.
Zhou Dynasty zhou dynasty-adin.jpg
A line of rulers from 1045 to 256 b.c.e
I learned about the Zhou Dynasty
Confucius confucious-adin.jpg
The founder of Confucianism.
I learned about Confucius.
civil servants civil servants-adin.jpg
Someone who works for the government.
I am not a civil servant.
Qin Shihuangdi qin shihuagdi-adin.jpg
The first emperor that united China.
We learned about Qin Shihuangdi.
standardize standardized-adin.jpg
To make something the same.
I standardize things.
exile exile-adin.jpg
To banish someone from a place.
I have been exiled.
immortal immortal-adin.jpg
Living forever.
I am not immortal.
Han Dynasty han dynasty-adin.jpg
The dynasty that ruled China before the Qin dynasty.
I learn about the Han dynasty.
bureacurcacy buracurcy-adin.jpg
A large complex organazationthat functions under certain rules.
I work at a bureacucracy.
Really good hand writing.
I have calligraphy.
anesthetic Anesthetic.jpg
Something that numbs the senses.
I dont use Anesthetics.
Silk Road silk road-adin.jpg
A network of trade routes across Asia.
I have been on the silk road.
Zhang Qian Zhang qian-adin.jpg
The founder of the Silk Road.
I did not know Zhang Qian.