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Torahtorah-adin w.jpg

The sacred writings of jews.
I can read a torah


jewish star-adin w.jpg

A name for the Jews.
I am an Israelite.

Judaismmoses-adin w.jpg

The first religion to believe in only one god.
Judaism is a religion

Exodusegyptian-adin w.jpg

The escape of the Jews from the Egyptians.
I was in the exodus.

covenanthand shake-adin w.jpg

A promise.
I made a covenant.

Ten Commandmentslady with 1-0-adin w.jpg

The ten laws and teachings from god.
I have read the ten commandments.

Jerusalemjerusalum-adin w.jpg

The holy city of the Jews.
My brother lives in Jerusalem

Monotheismgod-adin w.jpg

The belief in one god
I am monotheistic.

Polytheismmany gods-adin w.jpg

The belief in many gods
I am not polytheistic.

Exileexit-adin w.jpg

To banish someone.
I have exiled someone.

Talmudtalmud-adin w.jpg

The collection of Jewish writings.
I have seen the Talmud.

Christianityjesus-adin w.jpg

The religion based off of Jesus.
Christianity is a religion

Gospelgospel-adin w.jpg

A story of Jesus life.
I have read a gospel.

discipledisciple-adin w.jpg

A person who spreads religious teachings.
I know a disciple.


A story with a lesson.
I like reading parables.

missionarymissionary-adin w.jpg

Someone who tries to convert someone to a different religion.
I know a missionary.

Messiahmessiah-adin w.jpg

A savior from god.
Jesus is a messiah.

salvationsalvation-adin w.jpg

Being saved from a sin.
I have been in a salvation.

sacramentsacrament-adin w.jpg

A sacred ritual.
I have sacraments.

Qur'anqur'an-adin w.jpg

The holy book of Muslims.
I have read the Qur'an

mosquemosque-adin w.jpg

Muslims house of worship.
People pray at mosques.

Ramadanramadan-adin w.jpg

The ninth month where Muslims fast.
I celebrate Ramadan.

Islamislam-adin w.gif

The religion and faith of Muslims.
The religion of Muslims.

Muhammadmuhammad-adin w.jpg

He taught the faith of Islam.
I know who Muhammad is.

prophetprophet-adin w.jpg

A person who speaks for god.
Some people are prophets.