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human sacrifices2854133127_96af1c6bbf_b.jpg
Sacrifices that include human suffering, or death.
Ancient Chinese people used to do human sacrifices.
a large group of friends and family.
Ancient Chinese people used to live in clans.
Shang Dynastyoracle bone aidan g.JPG
The dynasty of the Shang family.
The Shang Dynasty was one of the first Chinese dynasties.
ancestor worship4536053246_4457ab9fca_m.jpg
The worship of a person's ancestors.
Ancient Chinese people believed in ancestor worship.
symbols that mean words.
Logograph was one of the first written languages.
the way a place uses money and other resources.
China had an economy that was different than other economies.
Chinese philosophy that emphasizes good behavior.
The Chinese people have three main philosophies, including Confucianism.
Chinese philosophy that emphasizes living in harmony with nature.
Daoism is another Chinese philosophy.
Legalismlegalism aidan g.jpg
Chinese philosophy that emphasizes following the law.
Legalism is the last Chinese philosophy.
Mandate of Heavencycle-150947_150.png
a law given by a god.
The Zhou dynasty invented the Mandate of Heaven.
a system of government based on landowners and tenants.
Feudalism formed a strong central government.
Zhou Dynasty4125642741_0024f37207_m.jpg
This is a Zhou wine vessel.
a Chinese dynasty lasting from 1045 to 256 B.C.E.
The Zhou family ruled for 100s of years.
a Chinese philosopher.
This person invented the idea of Confucianism.
civil servants2178436353_d48be21f16_m.jpg
a person who works for the government.
These people traditionally sons of nobles.
Qin Shihuangdi3626675954_68eb247d98_m.jpg
the first emperor of China.
Emperor Qin started the Great Wall.
standardize1989719848_ea49c65b2f_m (1).jpg
In the U.S.A., money was standardized to the U.S. dollar bill.
to make the same.
Emperor Qin standardized the different cultures of China.
to banish a person from their own home.
Exile used to be a way of punishment.
able to live forever.
Emperor Qin tried to find a potion which would make him immortal.
Han Dynasty7981027205_294a9afb02_m.jpg
the Chinese dynasty ruled by the Han family.
The Han dynasty was larger than any dynasties before it.
a large group that works under certain rules and conditions.
The Han's government was a bureaucracy.
fine handwriting.
Calligraphy was used by the Chinese.
a substance that produces anesthesia.
This is used to reduce pain.
Silk Road2890889553_1a724ae6c1_m.jpg
a network of trade routes that stretched across Asia.
The Silk Road gets its name because the silk that the Chinese made was traded there in large amounts.
Zhang Qian3406807716_e1c8a537a9_m.jpg
The person who opened the way for trade between China and its western neighbors.
Zhang Qian was often called the father of the Silk Road.
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